Neto slams Corinthians’ search for Zanardi: ‘Incompetence of the current board’ – Lance!

The commentator pointed out that due to the impossibility of training the team in the Paulistão, the coach should not be hired. “That’s what I think. I haven’t talked to anyone.”

This shows the incompetence of Augusto, Rubão, the current board, the financial team, the president. As a director of Guarani, I have already suffered from this foolishness,” the former player recounted an episode when he was the director of Guarani and lost a match for fielding a player irregularly and not knowing the regulations. The commentator also added that the club did not know the regulations and that’s why they approached the coach of São Bernardo.

“It’s not even amateurism. In amateur level, everything is correct,” said Neto. And more: Romário says he played more than Edmundo, but is on the level of world-class stars.

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