Vegetti breaks the silence about rib injury and sets a date to return to play for Vasco – Lance!


The injury, suffered two weeks ago in the victory over Deportivo Maldonado, 1-0, in the pre-season friendly in Uruguay, forced him to play through the pain. This situation was revealed by assistant coach Emiliano Díaz after the match against Flamengo.

The forward broke his silence and addressed the injury on social media, revealing that he played with pain that limited him on the field. – In the second pre-season friendly, I suffered a blow to my right rib, as a result, I have a (fissure) injury that not only prevents me from performing normally in my profession but also in my daily life.

From that moment until now, the only thing I have thought about was getting to yesterday’s game against Flamengo with rhythm and with as little pain as possible, and thus being able to help the team. Thank you to the entire medical team of the club, the coaching staff, my teammates, my family, and the infiltrations we were able to carry out – wrote Vegetti, who continued.

– During this whole time, I had to listen to many “theories” about me that I prefer not to mention. Thanks to God and my experience in this profession, I have learned not to give it importance and to move forward as I always have.

Now my focus is to recover 100% and do everything possible to reach the next game here in Rio. Congratulations to everyone for the great effort yesterday.

Let’s go for more!!! Vegetti will be unavailable for Vasco on Thursday (8), against Audax, a game taking place in Manaus.

Their next game in Rio is the derby against Fluminense, on Ash Wednesday (14). For the position, the Cruz-Maltino counts on young players Rayan and Paixão, from the youth academy.

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