Palmeiras once again suffers from the ‘penalty ghost’ – Lance!


The team wasted 19 out of 45 penalties taken in all competitions, with a 57% success rate. Abel admitted the difficulty of Palmeiras in penalty shootouts. “It’s a competitive team, but we’re not good at penalties. We have to improve, what do you want me to say?

We’re not good. I don’t have a magic wand for that. It’s a very intense moment to go from the midfield to the penalty spot. But we will… we will win on penalties one day,” Abel Ferreira said during a press conference.

In another Palmeiras defeat on penalties, the blame was placed on Weverton, who couldn’t save any of São Paulo’s four penalties. The goalkeeper faced ten penalty shootouts for Palmeiras, saved ten out of 56 penalties, with a success rate of 17%. Palmeiras won two shootouts and lost the other eight. In addition:
Is it a one-sided rivalry?

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