El título destaca el problema del Flamengo en el clásico contra el Vasco y critica el balón del Campeonato Carioca – Lance!


The first part of the text is about a sports game, possibly soccer, while the second part refers to the opinions and strategies of a coach. The paragraph referring to the upcoming match between Flamengo and Botafogo has been separated too. Here’s the rewritten text:
“In the first half, there was a lack of more objectivity and finishing. There weren’t many aerial plays, but a combination of plays with Pedro.

In the second half, they continued to build up, had opportunities, infiltrations, and shots. It’s an evolution process of the team in this final third, in the combination play, the crossing, and also the better choice. Target of many criticisms before the Clássico dos Milhões, Tite stated that the state of the Maracanã field was not a problem. However, he complained about the quality of the ball in the Campeonato Carioca.

On Wednesday (7), Flamengo faces Botafogo in the 7th round of the Campeonato Carioca. The Rubro-Negro is striving to enter the G4 after three stumbles at the beginning of the state championship. In a world of immediacy, patience is a virtue. I will have to be patient to handle this situation because football is like that.

And hopefully, there won’t be any aggression outside. Football has another dimension. I’m not a puritan. I just try to handle things the way I believe.

What a beautiful spectacle the two teams’ fans put on. And I hope there will be a cordial situation outside. As a coach, I carry the responsibility of saying ‘I hope the team plays well and wins’ because I want to see the fans happy. But there is respect from the other side, from a job.

Not only a greater creative freedom for both, with Gerson entering and with Pulgar. This quartet has an impressive passing quality. This process is evolutionary. Due to not having a left leg, a quicker passing action is impaired.

It is difficult for a right-footed player to cross the field and have a build-up with the same naturalness. There would be more fluidity, a greater speed in activating the winger if there was a left-footed player to widen the field, yes (it would make a difference). This is the process. What evolution?

Needing a greater number of precise finishes. If they can control the 62% possession, create, have clear chances, and adjust. If they maintain this pattern and evolve, I will be pleased. But with the patience that a coach has to have.

Eventually at River, he played as a second, a wide player, not as an open player, but fluctuating and creating. He is versatile. He had a great game. You have this creative capacity in the players, so over time you will find the best solutions.

There was a lack of finishing from medium distance. You have to finish with precision. If the opponent takes the infiltração when the line of five, shoot from medium distance. Everything about the upcoming match between Flamengo and Botafogo.”

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