Case of Daniel Alves’ Trial: Remember the case involving the player and a young person at a nightclub in Spain – Lance!


The former São Paulo player is facing sexual assault charges by a young woman in Barcelona and could be sentenced to up to 12 years in prison, but with the mitigating fine paid, this sentence could be reduced by half. On January 20, 2023, the player was arrested by the Catalan police and taken to Brians II Penitentiary. Since the player’s arrest, there have been several requests for his release from Daniel’s defense.

All requests have been denied. According to the Spanish justice system, due to the fact that the player’s family is in Barcelona, the prosecutors wanted to avoid the risk of flight. Daniel Alves has presented five different versions of the case.

The most recent was in January of this year, when he tried to claim that he was drunk at the time he allegedly abused a 23-year-old woman. The attempt was to mitigate the penalty in case of conviction. The Spanish Public Prosecutor’s Office rejected this and indicated a nine-year prison sentence for the player.

In addition, the victim’s defense rejected the settlement attempts and is requesting the full 12-year imprisonment. The presiding judge will be a woman, Isabel Delgado Pérez, accompanied by two other magistrates: Luis Belestá Segura and Pablo Díez Noval. On Monday (5), the hearing will begin at 10 am local time (6 am Brasília time).

It is likely that Daniel Alves will testify on this day, but the exact time is still to be determined. In addition, six witnesses will be heard. On Tuesday (6), there will be 22 more witness testimonies, totaling 28 accounts.

On Wednesday (7), the final day of the trial, is scheduled for the analysis of expert evidence related to the case, such as medical examinations conducted by the complainant, as well as information such as the nightclub’s CCTV footage. The date and time of the complainant will not be disclosed to prevent her from having contact with the media and other individuals involved in the case. Journalists with credentials will face a series of restrictions in the courtroom.

It will not be possible to capture images inside the Barcelona Courtroom, nor use images or audios from the internal TV transmission (accessible only in the press room). The prosecution has requested the maximum sentence for the player, which is 12 years in prison. Since Daniel Alves paid the mitigating fine, if convicted, the player could have his sentence reduced by half.

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