Calleri pokes Palmeiras and asserts São Paulo as the biggest in Brazil


The Morumbi club is the rival that has defeated the Portuguese coach’s team the most times, and Calleri recalled that the Alviverde has always had difficulties overcoming the Tricolor. “They don’t like playing against us, they beat everyone except us. They had their ‘golden age’ when we lost the Paulistão. We left them out of the Copa do Brasil, and now a unique title for the institution.

The coin fell on our side,” stated São Paulo’s number 9. The Argentine forward made a point of recalling the work of Rogério Ceni and Dorival Jr at São Paulo. Calleri competing for the ball with Gustavo Gómez at Mineirão, for the Supercopa do Brasil (Photo: Staff Images / CBF). “I was already the best in Brazil, the greatest, and now I think there are no more doubts.

São Paulo managed to win everything. It is always good to be grateful, I’m repetitive, but to Rogério, Dorival, and now Carpini, a very hardworking guy,” highlighted Calleri. Also:
Carpini sees the Supercopa do Brasil as a ‘watershed’ for São Paulo and dedicates the title to Dorival. São Paulo taunts Palmeiras and Caio Paulista after winning the Supercopa do Brasil title.

Supercopa between Palmeiras and São Paulo trumps the audience of Fluminense in Rio; check it out. Palmeiras coach, Abel Ferreira, values São Paulo’s title but downplays the Supercopa: “It’s not a competition.”

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