ANÁLISIS: Léo Jardim es otra referencia en medio de un Vasco que necesita reforzarse – Lance!


The rival had more ball possession and a bigger volume of play. The Vasco da Gama goalkeeper stepped up against a forward who doesn’t usually miss. This makes Léo Jardim one of the main pillars of the current squad, which is still far from ideal and needs to strengthen itself.

In addition, it faces important absences. Léo Jardim still heard echoing in Maracanã that he is the best goalkeeper. The deficiencies of Vasco are becoming more evident with each round.

(Photo: Leandro Amorim/Vasco)

In the next round, Vasco will face Audax. The match will be on Thursday (8), at 9:15 pm, at the Arena da Amazônia. Everything about it.

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