Abel Ferreira, Palmeiras’ coach, emphasizes São Paulo’s title but plays down Supercopa: ‘It’s not a competition.” – Lance!

Of course we wanted to win. This is not a competition. It is a prize for two teams that performed well in the competition last year. The CBF decided to have a match at the beginning of the year, as they do in Europe.

If we made it here, it’s because we did something in the past to be in the final. The fans recognize our effort, our determination. During the 90 minutes, we were better, we had the best opportunities, but we were not effective in scoring goals. I never said that I would win all the time.

In addition to praising São Paulo, Abel Ferreira complained about the lack of effectiveness of Verdão, which failed to open the scoring in regular time, and also missed two penalty kicks. The coach stated that Palmeiras needs to improve in this aspect. “We created opportunities to score. We had one with López with his left foot that had to score.

No matter how much I want to justify the substitutions, the most decisive point in football is effectiveness. When you create, even though we didn’t have many chances, just like the opponent, but you don’t score, it becomes much more difficult. We have to improve in effectiveness. Unfortunately, we did not have the collective ability to score goals.

And in the penalty kicks, the opponent was better. On Thursday (8), Palmeiras returns to the field to face Ituano, in the Paulista Championship. Verdão still has four titles to compete for during the season in the pursuit of maintaining the hegemony built in recent years in Brazil. I like single-game finals.

I don’t like finals with home and away games. Our opponent was more competent than Palmeiras. We were not able to translate our chances into goals. We had the same time to prepare for the game as our opponent.

Valuing the spectacle, the behavior of both sets of fans. Luck and competence are necessary. Football will always be a game, no matter how much we want to control all the factors. We did not have the capacity to take advantage of the opportunities we had.

We trained penalties all week. It’s realizing that it’s not the strong point of this team. If we lost on penalties, it’s because the team got there. That’s what I have to value.

We won’t win all the time. We could have twice as many titles as we have, because we reached the finals. There are three outcomes in football. We were not as competent as our opponent in penalties.

The champions are also those who know how to lose. We will continue our journey in search of winning titles. The day all the fans look at all the players and see that they do the best they can from the beginning of the year to the end, my work will be done. My work is not what I do now, but what I will leave when I leave.

There are many fans who are emotional and have short memory. I prefer to value those who support us. Not these minorities. I prefer to remember that Weverton saved a penalty when we were losing 3-1 against Botafogo.

We admire him. He is a leader capable of inspiring our players. I continue to have the same pride in being the coach of these athletes. They failed with the intention of doing the best they can.

To reach the finals and lose, you have to reach. There is work that I do not devalue, because I do not know a team that only wins. It is very difficult to win consistently in Brazil. It is a competitive team that knows how to deal with all moments of the game.

We have to focus on penalties, because we are not good at it. I don’t have a magic wand for that. It is a very intense moment that the players experience from the halfway line to the kick. There have been 8 penalty shootouts, and we have failed in 7.

There are no arguments against facts. But I do not have enough knowledge or competence to see if there are conditions for this type of situation. 10, 15 years ago, England was the most violent country in football. In this space, everything has ended.

There were serious and harsh consequences. Not only for the fans, but also for the clubs. As far as I know, there were no incidents.

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