Specialists evaluate how expansion of Neo Química Arena would change the fan experience – Lance!

The Corinthians football team is considering increasing the capacity of the Neo Química Arena. Despite the stadium’s current strength, the team’s supporters are advocating for a larger capacity and the club is awaiting the necessary approvals from the authorities before implementing the expansion project.

The goal is to accommodate up to 70,000 fans, making it the third-largest stadium in the country. Experts believe that this initiative has the potential to enhance the overall fan experience and benefit all sectors of the stadium.

Plans also include the adoption of facial recognition technology as a security measure. In addition, the increased capacity is expected to drive the club’s fan loyalty program and open doors for more supporters to engage with the team, potentially leading to increased revenue.

Furthermore, the stadium aims to attract a wider range of events beyond football, such as the recent “Tardezinha” show and an upcoming NFL game in September. Experts anticipate that the increased capacity will not only benefit sports events but also contribute to the overall entertainment industry in the city.

The potential of such initiatives is also seen as favorable for the NFL’s presence in the Brazilian market and could provide an enriching experience for the spectators. Furthermore, there is a growing interest in American football among the Brazilian population, particularly among young adults and male audiences, which makes hosting an NFL game a promising venture.

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