Record Titles, Recalling Hamilton’s Best Moments at Mercedes – Lance!


The first duel took place in the third race of 2014, in Bahrain, in the United Arab Emirates, where the two drivers took turns leading. In the end, after the Safety Car, Rosberg had fresher tires, but Hamilton managed to hold on until the checkered flag.

This moment was the trigger for one of the biggest rivalries in F1. On the fifth lap, Lewis pushed the Dane aside and, after five laps, the Brazilian.

The pursuit against his teammate was relentless, to the point where the Englishman forced the German into two mistakes at the chicane at the end of the pit straight. Lewis got what he wanted, the win, but also closed the gap to his friend from karting days, putting even more pressure on him.

In the end, there was the result, the championship with a taste of English pie. However, the Englishman suffered a puncture in a touch with the German driver from Ferrari.

With a lot of time lost, Lewis returned in last place and needed to finish ninth to secure the championship. In the final laps, Hamilton closed in on the ninth-placed Fernando Alonso, and in a beautiful battle, the Englishman overtook the Spaniard to secure the position and the fourth championship.

This weekend, the Englishman was struggling, with car problems in qualifying and only finished 14th on the grid. However, during the race, Lewis worked his way up through the pack until he caught up with the German.

When the rain came, the Ferrari driver fell behind, and the Briton stayed on track with dry-weather tires. Later, he secured an epic victory.

Apart from the races, Hamilton also made his mark off the track this year. The Englishman was the leading voice in the anti-racism fight in motorsport.

He called out the authorities that were not cooperating with the issue, made history by paying homage to Chadwick Boseman, the actor from “Black Panther,” who died at that time, George Floyd, a black man killed by a white police officer, and Breonna Taylor, a black woman killed by police in the United States. During the race, Hamilton reclaimed the position and undercut Russell, moving into third.

In the following laps, the Englishman closed in on Carlos Sainz and made a beautiful overtake to take second place. With better-condition tires, Hamilton closed in on the leader Lando Norris.

In the final laps, the rain came down heavily, Lewis pitted for wet-weather tires, unlike Norris, who continued on slicks. However, Lando spun a few corners later, handing the victory to his compatriot.

This was Hamilton’s 100th win in Formula 1, an absolute record that will take years to beat. The Englishman started by receiving a five-place grid penalty for the main race, as Mercedes decided to change the car’s internal combustion engine (ICE) for the driver.

Then, despite making a flying pole position lap, putting Max in second, Lewis’ bad luck struck once again: the FIA’s technical director, Jo Bauer, identified an irregularity in Mercedes’ movable rear wing. The DRS was opening beyond the maximum permitted limit.

As a result, the English driver was disqualified and would start from the back. During the sprint race, Hamilton staged a recovery drive.

He put on a great performance and by the first of the 24 laps was already in 15th place. In half an hour of racing, the Mercedes driver made 15 overtakes to secure 5th place.

With the result of the race, Lewis would start in tenth for the main race on Sunday, due to the penalty received for changing the ICE. However, the real show happened during the race.

Hamilton worked his way up through the pack and put on a respectable performance. After passing Verstappen on lap 59 and securing first place, the Briton won the race.

Hamilton brought his Mercedes to the Senna S, picked up the Brazilian flag from the track marshal, paying tribute to his idol Ayrton Senna. This gesture left a mark in the hearts of all Brazilians.

Hamilton made his mark on Formula 1 in various ways, whether on the track, with his great achievements, records, and overtakes, or off the track, fighting against injustices in the world and ensuring that minority groups are not excluded.

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