Flamengo blocks Matheuzinho’s transfer to Corinthians due to payment disagreements – Lance!


The Botafogo has committed to buying the right-back in cash and with a fixed value. On the other hand, Corinthians has presented a proposal of €2.5 million in the first installment, plus another €1.5 million later, including bonuses.

Therefore, Flamengo’s preference is to do business with their rival from Rio de Janeiro. Last Saturday (27), the president of Flamengo, Rodolfo Landim, and the owner of Botafogo, John Textor, reached an agreement for the player.

However, Matheuzinho wants to go to Corinthians and reportedly did not accept Botafogo’s offer. Matheuzinho, targeted by Corinthians and Botafogo, in action for Flamengo in the state championship (Photo: Paula Reis / Flamengo).

Meanwhile, Flamengo does not want to yield to the wishes of the right-back. In addition to the payment method, Flamengo did not like the way Corinthians conducted the negotiation to have Matheuzinho on loan.

The Corinthians made a series of demands and publicly stated – via an official statement – that they would not accept the conditions imposed by Flamengo. This allegedly created tension in the relationship between the two clubs.

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