Abel determines the characteristics for hiring a center-forward at Palmeiras


Leila Pereira and the football department of Palmeiras have prioritized the arrival of younger players and the development of homegrown talent, aiming for both sportive and financial profit. However, Abel Ferreira emphasized the need for an experienced center-forward who is familiar with Brazilian football for the current moment of the club. He stated that they need a center-forward who knows Brazilian football, whether to start or come off the bench, and bring experience, as they have plenty of young talent and need a different type of center-forward.

Abel expressed his thoughts after Palmeiras’ victory over Santos, raising the discussion of the kind of center-forward they need to pursue. Speculation around the potential transfer of Diego Costa to Palmeiras has been circulating in recent days. When he was signed in 2022, there were hopes that he would become a standout player in the attack. However, he has not lived up to those expectations and has been behind players like Rony, Endrick, and Breno Lopes.

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