Alan Patrick and Gabriel Mercado available for selection, Internacional to face Ypiranga – Lance!


The coach expressed his admiration for the players’ willingness to fight for every ball and to run. He also mentioned the difficulty of analyzing players’ performances, especially when the ball does not reach them cleanly in crucial areas of the field. He added that it is challenging to demand more from the players in terms of attitude and effort. He emphasized the need to continue working and acknowledged that the team is still far from reaching their ideal level, but they are gradually improving.

The coach mentioned that despite the team’s current position in the table (fifth place with four points after two rounds), he believes they have room for improvement. He also acknowledged that the current leader of the tournament is Juventude, who have six points.

The text appears to be a post-match or post-training interview or statement by the coach discussing the team’s performance, challenges, and areas for improvement. The coach’s comments reflect a focus on the team’s attitude and effort, as well as the need for continued hard work and improvement.

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