Carille revela plano B após Santos desistir de Marcelo Grohe

Marcelo Grohe contacted me during his trip to the Baixada Santista, indicating his interest in joining us as a goalkeeper. However, due to recent changes in the laws in Arabia, where he currently plays for Ittihad, it is no longer mandatory for them to replace a foreign player in order to bring in another one. This means that Marcelo will not be coming to join us. His contract is also a significant obstacle, as the financial terms are not something that can be easily disregarded.

Unfortunately, these circumstances have led to the decision that Marcelo will not be joining our team. Fábio Carille, our coach, confirmed this disappointing news. The Santos team has already discarded the idea of signing Marcelo Grohe.

Moving forward, Carille mentioned that Gabriel Brazão, who currently plays for Ternana, is being considered as an alternative option. The team is in search of a backup goalkeeper for João Paulo, who currently holds the starting position. Carille expressed his intention to meet with the coaching staff, particularly with Oscar and Arzul, the goalkeeper trainers, to start the process of selecting another goalkeeper. It is clear that we are in need of adding another goalkeeper to our roster.

In summary, Marcelo Grohe’s plans to join the Santos team have been disrupted by changes in the laws in Arabia. As a result, he will not be joining us. Instead, the team will focus on finding an alternative goalkeeper, with Gabriel Brazão being considered as a possible option. The coaching staff will hold discussions to make a decision on this matter.

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